7651 Harvest Drive • Schererville, Indiana 46375
  • Identify project's goals
  • Assist in selection of professionals
  • Establish operational relationships between primary professionals
  • Establish construction management team
  • Establish project organization chart


  • Establish lines of communication
  • Construction cost input on feasibility studies
  • Develop financial and special models
  • Establish project criteria
  • Analyze alternate construction methods based on cost and schedule
  • Develop overall project schedule


  • Contribute to preliminary design
  • Work closely with the architect and engineer
  • Maintain control to insure on time delivery within budget
  • Suggest appropriate building systems, standardized components and construction methods
  • Supply up-to-date local information on costs and availability of labor and material
  • Provide preliminary estimates
  • Develop work flow schedule to accommodate design/construction overlap
  • Assist design team in preparing bid packages for earliest release
  • Develop cash flow schedule
  • Develop project procedure manual


  • Contribute local construction knowledge
  • Pre-qualify bidders
  • Evaluate specialty bidders i.e., previous commitments, performance records, financial strength, etc.
  • Review and compare bids
  • Recommend vendor selection
  • Assist in preparation of contract documents
  • Obtain approval from governmental agencies
  • Secure required building permits
  • Form on-site construction team
  • Establish lines of communication between owner, architect/engineer, construction manager with subcontractors and suppliers
  • Facilitate on-site communication
  • Familiarize all concerned with schedule requirements, correspondence, shop drawings, quality control tests, job safety, site security and payment
  • Insure that needed materials will be available
  • Mesh drawing/design with
  • procurement/contracting
  • Maintain a full-time representative on site
  • Compare results with time/cost projections
  • Inspect work quality, continually
  • Insure materials meet quality called for in contracts
  • Ongoing update of construction schedule
  • Provide complete monthly reports
  • Provide liaison with local and state
    building authorities
  • Establish appropriate safety programs
  • Consult on labor issues
  • Become involved in public relations


A complete service providing the owner with
a completed construction project while meeting the requirements
with timely delivery within the proposed budget